fredag 29. mars 2013

Summer 2012 pt. 2 DEN HAAG

It's over a month since I posted the Amsterdam post. So I think it's about time I continue on this trip, seeing as I've been traveling a few times the past few months I've got a lot to catch up on!

As I mentioned last time, this post won't be too long. The reason for that is more or less that we only used it as a middle stop. That and saying hi to my bf's father and his significant other:)

We took the train from Amsterdam to Den Haag, where we wen't to the beach and cycled around town.

I think the best thing about The Netherlands is that you can cycle absolutely everywhere! If I had lived there, I would be super fit!

Well, that was more or less all I had form our short stop in Den Haag:) Next up will be Southwold, England!

- Vinter

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