torsdag 14. februar 2013

Summer 2012 pt.1 AMSTERDAM

As promised, here comes the summer 2012 post:3

I decided to split it up, because it'll be a really long entry if I don't. So I'll post one post for each place we went to, starting with Amsterdam.

Lets start with the plane trip to Amsterdam. We had a late flight, around eight in the evening, which was nice, I hate to get up early in the mornings anyway...

(over The Netherlands somewhere...)

We were kinda lucky, because we had pretty bad weather at home, the weather in Amsterdam was seriously summery and warm. It was really nice:)

(at Gardermoen, OSL airport, home in Norway as we were about to take off)

(I like clouds... every time we're out flying I take photos of the clouds...)

Since we landed so late, we ended up more or less going straight to the hotel when we arrived in Amsterdam, so no more pics from that day.

The next day we went wandering around town, I was really skeptical to Amsterdam at first, because of all the high tourists wandering about... But my bf took me to the nicer parts of the town, where there was close to no tourists:D just pretty crooked, tall houses and flowers every where...

 (I made a little collection of houses instead of bombarding this post with architecture..)

(pretty shopfront!)

We also ended up going on the canals with a waterfiets (pedal boat).
Which was fun... a bit scary but I gave the control to my bf, as hes the used to the whole... driving thing:P

(yeah, I know, I make the stupidest faces...)

And after a long drive on the canal and some food, we ended up on the Whisky cafe... I think we ended up there every day... :P Whisky L&B

(Omnomnom, whisky!)

(Full moon on the stroll back to the hotel^^)

The next day, we went to the Tattoo Museum, a little trip out of town. We got up a bit late, this was entirely my fault... I'm really slow out of bed...

(Tattoo museum stuff, tribe skulls, tattooed skin and other dead things in jars, another skull in a bell jar, a tattooed mummified arm in a bell jar and a tattoo kit box thing..)

(Bitterballen, Dutch "fastfood")

After that we walked about a little bit, and had dinner at a what looked like a typical Amsterdam oldschool restaurant, I wanted something traditional, and ended up with some kind of sausage, it was nice, bf got a big pot of mussels.

And of course, we ended up at the whisky bar again, here a picture from where we were sitting at the bar...

That was all from Amsterdam, next we went to Den Haag, where my bf's dad and his girlfriend lives:)

I don't think that post will be as long as this one, but the Southwold one will probably be a bit long...

- Vinter

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