fredag 29. mars 2013

Summer 2012 pt. 2 DEN HAAG

It's over a month since I posted the Amsterdam post. So I think it's about time I continue on this trip, seeing as I've been traveling a few times the past few months I've got a lot to catch up on!

As I mentioned last time, this post won't be too long. The reason for that is more or less that we only used it as a middle stop. That and saying hi to my bf's father and his significant other:)

We took the train from Amsterdam to Den Haag, where we wen't to the beach and cycled around town.

I think the best thing about The Netherlands is that you can cycle absolutely everywhere! If I had lived there, I would be super fit!

Well, that was more or less all I had form our short stop in Den Haag:) Next up will be Southwold, England!

- Vinter

torsdag 14. februar 2013

Summer 2012 pt.1 AMSTERDAM

As promised, here comes the summer 2012 post:3

I decided to split it up, because it'll be a really long entry if I don't. So I'll post one post for each place we went to, starting with Amsterdam.

Lets start with the plane trip to Amsterdam. We had a late flight, around eight in the evening, which was nice, I hate to get up early in the mornings anyway...

(over The Netherlands somewhere...)

We were kinda lucky, because we had pretty bad weather at home, the weather in Amsterdam was seriously summery and warm. It was really nice:)

(at Gardermoen, OSL airport, home in Norway as we were about to take off)

(I like clouds... every time we're out flying I take photos of the clouds...)

Since we landed so late, we ended up more or less going straight to the hotel when we arrived in Amsterdam, so no more pics from that day.

The next day we went wandering around town, I was really skeptical to Amsterdam at first, because of all the high tourists wandering about... But my bf took me to the nicer parts of the town, where there was close to no tourists:D just pretty crooked, tall houses and flowers every where...

 (I made a little collection of houses instead of bombarding this post with architecture..)

(pretty shopfront!)

We also ended up going on the canals with a waterfiets (pedal boat).
Which was fun... a bit scary but I gave the control to my bf, as hes the used to the whole... driving thing:P

(yeah, I know, I make the stupidest faces...)

And after a long drive on the canal and some food, we ended up on the Whisky cafe... I think we ended up there every day... :P Whisky L&B

(Omnomnom, whisky!)

(Full moon on the stroll back to the hotel^^)

The next day, we went to the Tattoo Museum, a little trip out of town. We got up a bit late, this was entirely my fault... I'm really slow out of bed...

(Tattoo museum stuff, tribe skulls, tattooed skin and other dead things in jars, another skull in a bell jar, a tattooed mummified arm in a bell jar and a tattoo kit box thing..)

(Bitterballen, Dutch "fastfood")

After that we walked about a little bit, and had dinner at a what looked like a typical Amsterdam oldschool restaurant, I wanted something traditional, and ended up with some kind of sausage, it was nice, bf got a big pot of mussels.

And of course, we ended up at the whisky bar again, here a picture from where we were sitting at the bar...

That was all from Amsterdam, next we went to Den Haag, where my bf's dad and his girlfriend lives:)

I don't think that post will be as long as this one, but the Southwold one will probably be a bit long...

- Vinter

torsdag 24. januar 2013

PyCon 2012!

First post as a travel blog! Ok, warning... this is picture heavy... There's just so much nice stuff from this trip! I can't help myself.

I never got around to write a little post about the trip to PyCon 2012, so I thought now would be a good time to do so, as PyCon 2013 is closing in (we might not be able to go this year, but I'm crossing all I have...).

So, I don't really remember much from the trip anymore. Except for it being utterly awesome and too much work:3

(I think we're over Greenland here)

We started of with flying into Newark, ate a really awesome steak, and continued from there to San Francisco INT. Where I bought some really tasty mini cupcakes... because I have a serious sweet tooth...

(omnomnom, the red velvet was really good... so was the raspberry cheesecake one. I was so sure the green one was supposed to be pistachio, I dunno why I would think that, but it turned out to be mint...)

In Carl's (our awesome PyCon friend) mum's (where we spent two nights. Thank you Carl's mum! It was really nice^^) garden, some gigantic lemons were growing! She also had some really tasty clementines... So nice! And this was in march! The heat was surprising, coming from cold Norway, we were walking around in shorts and t-shits all day.

(just like in the movies, we took the tram/rail cart thing up the steep hills! It was kinda fun and a nice way to see the city. Of course, filled with tourists like ourselves...)

(SF skyline)

One of the days we went to the LICK observatory! And that was good fun. We got a private tour, with someone our cool friend Carl knows. We got to see the really old telescope and the newer one, and got to hear loads about the observatory.

(the observatory seen from the really long way up... It was a super nice drive in the seriously awesome weather. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back...)

(the old telescope! SO COOL, the dome was made out of wood and had a hydraulic platform of wood that rose up. We got to go all the way up!)

 (a beautiful clear night sky! Bet it was perfect conditions to do some star gazing. I think they talked about them doing some lunar watching... not completely sure though...)

(overlooking Silicon Valley from the LICK observatory grounds) 

(One of the days we went to a botanical garden, because I really like pretty parks. And I was so surprised to see a cherry tree in full blossom in the parking lot... I've never seen one in real life before, not the pink kinds anyway...)

After that I didn't take too much pictures... there was a lot of work to do and I was busy socializing when we weren't working. But it was really nice, we had a great time, just wish we could have spent more time there.

(we did, however, see this really silly car in a parking lot when we were going to dinner one of the days... with it's horns and some really big pliers/cutter thingie on the hood:P)

We met up with the usual PyCon crowd, now good friends of ours, ate a lot of donuts and spent a lot of time filming, QAing and sorting out conference video.

If we're going there this year as well, I hope to go and have SUSHIRRITOS with Emmie and Sheila^^ and the rest of you guys!

Well, that was all for this time. Next up will be 2012 summer holidays, which consists of Amsterdam, Southwold, Norwich and Den Haag:)

- Vinter